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Hongji Yang is a Professor in Centre for Creative Computing, Bath Spa University, Bath, England
Deputy Director of Creative Computing. School of Humanities and Cultural Industries.PhD [Durham University, England], MPhil [Jiin University, China], BSc(Hons) [JIlin University, China].
Hongji Yang

Prof. Hongji Yang has become IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Member since 2010, also, he is a member of EPSRC Peer Review College since 2003. He is the Editor in Chief of International Journal of Creative Computing, InderScience.

International Conferences

Prof. Hongji Yang has taken part in many important international conference. Such as IEEE ICSM'1999 International Conference on Software Maintenance, IEEE COMPSAC'2002 the 26th Annual International Computer Software and Applications conference, the 8th IEEE Workshop on Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems, etc. He is the leader of Software Evolution and Reengineering Group at the Software Technology Research Laboratory. Prof. Hongji Yang is also the General Chair of IEEE ISCC'2016 International Symposium of Creative Computing and IWSC'2016 International Workshop on Software Cybernetics In conjunction with QRS 2016, the organiser of 10th IEEE QUORS'2016 International Workshop on QUALITY ORIENTED REUSE OF SOFTWARE.

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PhD Studens

Applications for PhD study are always welcome. Please contact the Director in the first instance.PhD projects are available in all aspects of Creative Computing. You may choose to work on an existing project, or propose your own project. See the Projects pages for ideas.Current PhD students are as follows:

Delin Jing

Domain-Specific Research Ideas Creation

Xuan Wang

Computer Analysis of Poetry

Lu Zhang

Theoretical Issues in Creative Computing

Sicong Ma

A Semantic Web based Approach to Creative Computing and its Application in Tourism

Lin Zou

Creative Decision Making: Combining Game Theory with Lateral Thinking

Qinyun Liu

Creative Business model

Hongming Che

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